Welcome from the Kimberly Calvo Team!

Welcome to the Kimberly Calvo Team website! We are excited to launch during a remarkable time in the Real Estate world. Our founder Kimberly has been working hard to understand mortgages and current market trends these past few years. Now we’re ready to share this information with you so you can accomplish your dreams of homeownership. 

One of our favorite definitions for energy is: As a general concept: power, strength, force; the ability to produce an effect. 

I created the Kimberly Calvo Team as a force for goodness. This team is made up of caring and thoughtful individuals who keep our word. I believe in spreading positive energy with every person we come in contact with. I ask that you allow us to guide you through one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. 

The Kimberly Calvo Team has the tools to offer you the best rates. We’ll find a program suited to your needs and secure the best mortgage terms available. With the support of our mortgage broker Mac Mortgage Inc, the Kimberly Calvo Team has a tremendous amount of resources to offer you. 

I got my start in the Mortgage Industry as a receptionist for Pinnacle Estate Properties (Thank you, Pinnacle!) and have worked her way up the ladder ever since. I have experience as a Transaction Coordinator, Real Estate Agent, and Loan Processor. Working in different positions has allowed me to grasp and master various aspects of the mortgage industry, making me a well-rounded Loan Originator. I understands what it takes to close a loan, from submitting it to the underwriter, to getting the final clear to close. I have my license with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry and is President of Kimberly Calvo Team. In addition, I have experience running my own business and have a great team to make all this possible. My team comprises intelligent and valuable individuals like Louis Meza, Merica Mackey, Walter Lopez, Juile Meza, and Anna Ibe. 

The Kimberly Calvo Team can accomplish your homeownership goals with our mortgage broker Mac Mortgage Inc. I look forward to the future of the mortgage industry and am happy to be your guiding light to reaching your mortgage dreams. 

Kimberly Ann Calvo

Loan Originator

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS 1850402 | CA STATE ID 02089992